NVQs (National Vocational Qualifications)


WTY Group (WTY) is the UK’s leading training provider, specialising in ‘in-house’ factorydeliveries of NVQ’s particularly those in the Food & Drink industries.

We have worked closely with major companies throughout the UK and Ireland.

WTY is a facilitating & support company whose systems are dedicated to help colleges provide quality training to industry.

We therefore have a network of local colleges throughout the UK all of which we have partnerships with. Through the colleges we can access Government funding for staff of all ages & abilities.

Through our own occupational experts, WTY identifies the training needs of each individual company. A training plan is then put forward whilst also taking into consideration any existing quality & training system the companies may have. WTY will then help the college recruit a full time occupational tutor who will be on site for the duration of the NVQ.

We may, at the college’s request, provide a Program Manager who would oversee the NVQ and be the liaison between the College, the Company, WTY and the on-site Tutor.

What is an NVQ?
  • A Government initiative to increase the skills of the workforce
  • Work related, competence based qualification with skills assessed at the workplace
  • NVQs reflect the skills and knowledge needed to do the job effectively
  • NVQs are sector specific set by the industry themselves
  • NVQs are about practical performance as well as knowledge & understanding
  • NVQ syllabus allows flexibility to incorporate individual company requirements
  • Customers place more confidence in suppliers whose staff meet nationally agreed standards
  • NVQs provide a permanent record to show that successful training has taken place in areas specified by legislation and your customers
  • NVQs are qualifications that show an understanding of the theory of the work in progress, and also the competency of the individual is evidenced in their specific job role
  • The NVQs are made up of units, which describe the skills and knowledge needed to do the job effectively
  • NVQ standards have been developed within your industry
  • NVQs are open to all ages
  • Employees will be trained and assessed at their normal place of work
How long will the NVQ take?

1. Familiarisation.

The Individual must understand the importance of the award they are undertaking in order to give their best efforts.

Managers and Supervisors have a key role in supporting the awards and from the outset need to assure the candidates of their support for the NVQ’s. In some cases the enclosed ‘Questions Commonly Asked’ document can help any natural queries that arise.

Time offline – minimal and ongoing.

2. Enrolling Candidates.

In order to obtain funding, the delivering college will need to know information about the candidates: e.g. eligibility for funding, name, age, address etc. this is done by completing documentation and enrolling onto the course.

Time offline – approximately 20 minutes.

3. Induction.

Each delivering college will have its own induction pack.

This covers Health and Safety, Equal Opportunities and Appeal Policies, checking the background and job roles of candidates, to ensure that they can achieve the award, information about facilities, the college can offer, and the other information relating to the college.

Time offline – approximately 1 hour.

4. Tutoring.

For each individual unit, the candidate will need to go into a quiet area to go through the workbooks and other relevant documentation to acquire the knowledge required to undertake the questioning, oral or written, establishes whether the candidate has understood the unit.

Time offline – approximately 1 hour per unit.

5. Observations.

At the end of the award, time to check through the portfolio and undertake the exit interview is required.

Time offline – No offline time.

6. Summary.

For an average candidate undertaking an NVQ at level 1 (6 units) they will need approximately:




Enrolling 0 20
Induction 1 0
Unit Seminars 6 0
Conclusion 1 0
Totals 8 20

An average Level 2 (8 units) takes: 




Enrolling 0 30
Induction 1 0
Unit Seminars 16 0
Totals 17 30
Company Benefits
  • NVQs assure quality and performance
  • Helps you aim for quality awards (e.g. Investors In People etc)
  • Gives greater confidence in management
  • Demonstrates compliance with legislation
  • Increases productivity & efficiency
  • Minimises accidents by increasing awareness
  • Helps retain staff longer – saving on recruitment costs
  • Cost effective way to train staff
  • Builds product quality
  • Serves customers better
  • Increases profits
Benefits to Individuals
  • Installs confidence in their abilities
  • Gives a sense of motivation & achievement
  • Gains a recognized qualification without having to attend a further learning centre
  • Provides evidence of competency in a skill base, which could attract promotion or greater responsibility
Overall Benefits
  • NVQs enable businesses to move ahead by:
  • Increasing staff dedication
  • Minimising staff turnover
  • Sharpening staff skills
  • Improving motivation
  • Evidencing commitment to training to meet legislation
  • Helping to meet audit requirements

Employees with NVQs are better motivated, more loyal, more reliable and more adaptable.

NVQ Process
  • Company NVQ coordinator to be nominated, ideally someone within production management.
  • College to introduce the proposed assessor prior to student enrolments.
  • Company to determine target group of students within the workforce for qualification and provide WTY with a list.
  • Clearly structured enrolment sessions to be planned. Ideally groups of 5 for 20 minute intervals. This will allow time for students to ask questions.
  • Assessor to be present at enrolment session.
  • NVQ induction’s to be planned between company NVQ coordinator and NVQ assessor allowing each student 1 hour with the assessor.
  • NVQ programme timetable to be planned between company NVQ coordinator and NVQ assessor allowing for observed assessment, off-line release and portfolio building.