About WTY Group


WTY Group is an employee and individual performance-improvement company with over 10 years experience in the technology-based, self-paced training field.

In brief, we deliver: -

  1. Online and CD based certified training on-demand in a multitude of subjects
  2. Provide fully funded Apprenticeship and National Vocational Qualification programs for companies
  3. Work with colleges by introducing clients to them who have an NVQ requirement. Click here to what Colleges say about us >>

With global resources, local knowledge, and industry experts, WTY Group are the chosen training partners for companies throughout the world, from single operators to the largest of multi-nationals.

Our E-Learning courses cover topics ranging from Microsoft Office to Health & Safety and ESOL to accredited Cisco courses.

Our Apprenticeship and NVQ provision includes Business Improvement Techniques, Performing Manufacturing Operations and Multi Skilled Hospitality to name a few. In addition we provide an EHO approved Food Hygiene and Safety course via our Food Legal brand, and Certified Institute of Environmental Health venue based training.

About WTY Group

WTY Group solutions include:

  • Fully funded and managed Apprenticeships, Diplomas and NVQs
  • Sourcing of funding for Apprenticeship and NVQ deployment
  • Over 2000 interactive courses covering an enormous spectrum of subjects to give you the learning resources you need
  • Instant Mentoring support which provides live assistance 24 hours per day, 365 days per year
  • EHO approved Food Hygiene and Safety online courses
  • CIEH certificated Food Hygiene, Safety and HACCP venue based courses
  • Class leading UK Government approved English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) on-line courseware
  • An integrated Learning Management System for all our courses enables you to check the progress of students and highlight areas where additional support is required.
  • European leading accredited IOSH Health and Safety on-line training which includes the Official
  • Examination and Certificate
  • Bespoke development of E-Learning to satisfy a company’s exact requirements.

WTY Group can assist you with: -

  • Funding and management of an NVQ program
  • Providing better customer service
  • Regulatory, industrial or technical certification
  • Improved business performance