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Launched in 1995, Instant Mentoring is a leading edge online learning environment centred around the provision of 24x7 live online mentoring.

Our mentors are all subject matter experts in their fields, hold the latest industry qualifications and are available to coach and advise students around the clock using real time interactive chat and e-mail. Students also have access to peer-to-peer interaction and a host of other course-specific learning resources such as assignments, frequently asked questions (FAQs), message boards and libraries of useful links to further reading.

The Features

Public 24x7 Live Chat

Live chat is available to registered students and is an open forum that students can enter and exit at any time to ask questions, seek clarification on any course-related issues and share comments in realtime with mentors and fellow students.

Private 24x7 Live Chat

For students who don't want their questions visible in a public discussion, or who prefer a one-to-one discussion with a mentor, we provide the same 24x7 access to mentors via a private chat feature.


Students also have the option to e-mail long or complicated questions to the mentors, or to attach their files for the mentors to view and provide feedback on their work. Depending on the course being studied, responses are guaranteed either within 4 to 6 hours, or 1 working day.


Students can use the notepad to make notes about training and paste information from chat sessions to print and save for future reference.

Message Boards

Each classroom message board allows mentors and students to share additional information or comments by adding new topics or posting replies to existing comments.

The threaded discussions can be accessed at any time.

Link Libraries

Our mentors maintain a list of suitable links to a range of informative websites. Students can access these links to gain greater understanding of their subject and any associated industry qualifications. Each link library is specific to a particular online classroom, guaranteeing the relevance of the information.


Our classroom assignments are designed to reinforce the learning experience by testing knowledge and retention. Questions are automatically graded and feedback is instantaneous, providing students with an immediate acknowledgement of their achievement, or an indication of any areas that need further study. Results are recorded and dated to allow the student to track their progress and review previous attempts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our course-specific FAQs allow students to search or browse through a database of questions and answers. Students new to the Online Mentoring Service will find the FAQs particularly useful. Those with a question in mind will find it reassuring to see that others have asked similar questions in the past.


We Teach You now offer over 2500 online courses, covering IT technical, end user technologies, sales, management and personal development courses. The service supports industry recognised certification where applicable.

Student Feedback:

As usual you have more than answered my question(s), for which I am most grateful. Cheers.

Steve Giergiel

Thanks Graham for your detail explanations. This topic is much more clear to me now.

Raymond Chan

Thank you for your reply. I am so glad that you are ok about answering my q's because you have a knack of explaining the topics really well!!

Ailish Crean

I really like the idea of not using a global variable.Thanks a million. I feel so enlightened.

Jason Chia

Thank you very much! That explains it perfectly.

Tim Thomas

Thanks, great job, it is clearer now - I was looking at it the wrong way.

M.E. (Max) Butz

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