About E-Learning


E-learning is a catch-all term that covers a wide range of instructional material that can be delivered on a CD-ROM, over a local area network (LAN), or on the Internet. It includes Computer-Based Training (CBT), Web-Based Training (WBT), Electronic Performance Support Systems (EPSS), distance or online learning and online tutorials.

We Teach You has been developing and delivering e-learning to students throughout the world since 1997. We are considered to be one of the UK’s foremost authors of exciting, engaging and successful e-learning courses.

We offer e-learning courses covering a wide variety of subjects, such as:

  • IT Courses such as ECDL, Cisco, Microsoft, Web Design etc.
  • EHO Content Approved Food Hygiene and Safety courses
  • English for Speakers of Other Languages
  • Literacy
  • Legislation, such as Health and Safety, Equal Opportunities etc.

Features of E-Learning

  • Learning is self-paced and gives students a chance to speed up or slow down as necessary
  • Learning is self-directed, allowing students to choose content and tools appropriate to their differing interests, needs, and skill levels
  • Accommodates multiple learning styles using a variety of delivery methods geared to different learners.
  • Designed around the learner
  • Geographical barriers are eliminated, learn anywhere
  • 24/7 accessibility makes scheduling easy and allows a greater number of people to attend classes – learn anytime
  • On-demand access means learning can happen precisely when needed
  • Travel time and associated costs (parking, fuel, vehicle maintenance) are reduced or eliminated
  • Overall student costs are frequently less (tuition, residence, food, child care)
  • Potentially lower costs for companies needing training, and for the providers
  • Fosters greater student interaction and collaboration
  • Fosters greater student/instructor contact
  • Enhances computer and Internet skills
  • Draws upon hundreds of years of established pedagogical principles
  • Has the attention of every major university in the world, most with their own online degrees, certificates, and individual courses

Benefits of e-Learning

There are many significant advantages for the student who learns online. Here are just a few to consider:

  • Convenience and Portability
    • Courses are accessible on your schedule
    • Online learning does not require physical attendance
    • Learning is self-paced (not too slow, not too fast)
    • You're unbound by time - courses are available 24/7
    • You're unbound by place - study at home, work, or on the road
    • Stop and start again whenever you wish
  • Flexibility
    • Online learning accommodates your preferences and needs - it's student-centred
    • Choose instructor-supported (with Instant Mentor)or self-study courses
    • Skip over material you already know and focus on topics you'd like to learn
    • Use the tools best suited to your learning styles
  • Higher Retention
    • Online learning will draw you to topics you like and enjoy. Studies show that because of this and the variety of delivery methods used to reach different types of learners, retention is frequently better than in a traditional classroom.
  • Global Opportunities
    • The global learning community is at your fingertips with online learning. The technologies used give online instructional designers the ability to build in tools that take you to resources you may never see in a traditional classroom.


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